About festival

The festival of city folklore groups

The festival usually takes place in the second or third week of August, in the year 2019 is set to dates from 12th to 16th of August.

Four main afternoon shows are realized in Ostrava municipals, in the Ostrava disctricts Moravska Ostrava & Privoz, Marianske Hory, Ostrava Jih, Ostrava Poruba. These concerts are taking place at mobile platforms in dense built-up areas or near to shopping malls, and start at 4.30 PM regularly. They are usually opened by the procession of the groups what is ment as the invitation to the shows.
The accompanying program called “Dancing city” is a set of small morning performances of the attending groups at various institutions of the city of Ostrava (e.g. retirement’s homes, different public places)
The opening concert is usually organized in the hall of Ostrava’s Jacacek Conservatory, but in the year 2019 will be organized in the Community centre of Ostrava, the closing show at Silesian-Ostrava castle. Events are supported by the dance workshops.
Every year, there is realised an exposition of photographs from the past festival years at the foyeur of Ostrava Town Hall. The organizers also enriched the 10th jubilee year in the 2007 by the anniversary concert with extending presentation of traditional crafts at the Silesian-Ostrava Castle.
As the years go by, there is also prepared wide variety of activities for the attending groups as the excursions to some of the local breweries, Mining museum or the performances at the Klimkovice Spa.

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